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Natalie Jean


Natalie Jean is an award winning singer/songwriter performer and a dynamic artist who grew up loving music.  She enjoyed singing with her Haitian father, Guy Robert Jean - who was also an artist. She writes for many genres, which would include Jazz, R&B, Dance, Pop, Country, Rap, Heavy Metal, Contemporary, etc. She can also sing in French and Spanish. 

From 2014-2018, Natalie Jean’s songs have received over 60 nominations and several wins, including the American Tracks Music Awards,  Artists in Music Awards, LA Music Awards, The Indie Music Channel Awards, The Indees, American Songwriting Awards, Hollywood Music and Media Awards, The International Music and Entertainment Association, Australian Independent Music Awards, the Akademia Music Awards Josie Music Awards, International Music Video Underground, International Songwriting Competition, Australian Songwriting Contest, Global Music Awards, Libera Music Awards, Wammies, World Wide Music Contest, Hollywood Songwriting Contest, and UK Songwriting Contest.  She was named one of the Top Five Vocalists in the Singer Universe Vocalist of the Month for June 2014. Most recently she was awarded the Gold Medal in the Global Music Awards for Female Pop Vocalist, for one of the songs currently on the album, titled “L’Amour a L’Infini, which is a co-write with Lyssabelle. Also, she won Best Dance Song, in the American Songwriting Awards for her song, “Red Room – The Remix”. She also won Best World Artist (Multiple Languages) in the 2017 Josie Music Awards. As well as being a Finalist in the 2018 International Acoustic Music Awards in the Folk Category for her song “Smoking Ke Fan,” which was written by Natalie and her father.

Inspired by Lena Horne, Celine Dion, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone,  and Ella Fitzgerald, her beautiful voice and melodies will surely leave you wanting for more!  


Levi Moore

Levi Moore, is a country singer/songwriter out of Savannah, GA. He writes what he feels and sings from the heart, taking notes from country legends like Alan Jackson and Waylon Jennings, but also influenced early on by the great songwriters of lore, like Gordon Lightfoot and Jim Croce.

While having always craved the presence of music, he began creating music late, teaching himself to play guitar in the second half of my five-year college career, using music as a balance between football practice and midterm exams. Having been a storyteller and writer since elementary school, songwriting was a natural progression.

After 3 years, he left the oilfield to become a full-time musician, moving to Savannah, GA and plunging headlong into the coastal fray. After having been nominated for Male Vocalist of The Year in Modern Country at the 2017 Josie Music Awards, He is diligently working at my craft, gigging throughout the week, writing more than ever, and preparing to cut and release my first album this winter.


Michael Peloso


Michael Peloso is a New Jersey-based lyricist/songwriter who writes undeniably touching, honest lyrics with a sense of simplicity that are uniquely all his own. Other primary influences include Tom Waits, Bruce Springsteen, Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty, Carole King, James Taylor, Natalie Merchant, Hall & Oates, Jude Cole, Ed Roland and Darius Rucker…Just to name a few of many. Michael collaborated with Natalie Jean. “Please Don’t”, a Josie Award nominated R&B track was released in 2016, and is a featured single on Natalie’s Unafraid album. The duo released “Alive” on June 30, 2017. “Lost & Found is scheduled to be released this fall.


Audio - The Letting Go

As seen in 2/3/2018 issue of Billboard Magazine!!

“The Letting Go” is a beautiful song about love and life!! 

"This track is a great addition to both the country and pop music world. It has a dexterity and willingness to take shape at each turn, whirling you in a spell of great sound." - Jamsphere

The Letting Go

Music Video for "The Letting go"

Live Acoustic of The Letting Go

Check out this great video

Q&A with Natalie Jean and Levi Moore



"A good duet, in our modern age, is a rare thing. There are plenty of features, guest verses and co-writes, and the cameo drop-in is a dime a dozen. The number of genuine duets, where vocalists share verses and tell a story together in the space of a song, is very small. If your optimism fails you, as you wonder whether there are enough great acts to keep hit radio stocked with worthy pop music duets, it’s reassuring to find that Natalie Jean and Levi Moore have a first-rate single to carry us through the next few months, all by itself."


Stereo Stickman


“The set-up of one voice for the first verse and another for the second is not all that common in modern music. It works best when there’s a noticeable contrast, a clear cut set of differences that lay out the two leading characters and their sides of the story or their input. Levi Moore’s voice adds a gorgeous new dynamic to an already enjoyable and calming piece of music and writing. The two artists together offer so much passion and skill that their performances are mesmerising. The detail throughout this entire release is beautiful, it’s a carefully crafted single that has been so well captured that you can listen on repeat and not get tired of the unfolding mightiness and magic. – Stereo Stickman”


Sleeping Bag Studios

"Musically, certainly no complaints…I think “The Letting Go” has plenty of charm and appeal in the subtle way the music works between what sounds like muted acoustic strings and bold piano notes.  It’s a smooth glide from verse to chorus, expanding the sound in the atmosphere with a warm glow, adding-in more elements to the background to wrap the listener up tight in the experience."


The Band Camp Diaries

 These two artists managed to do something incredible: not only did they allow their similarities to complement one another in perfect synergy, but they also managed to let their differences collide beautifully, creating a very special contrast of different, yet affine background. 


Skope Magazine


“The song binds a beautiful tale of unforgettable love and the strength it bores into the mind and soul of a human body. This track flows over a logical explanation of feelings and relationship which is sure to inspire many young hearts. The audio quality of the song is quite high with keen attention given to making the song enjoyable for the audience.” - Natalie Parker


Warlock Asylum International News

"Natalie’s vocal performance is impeccable. She is able to make clever use of the free space and atmosphere that the background instrumentation provides. Levi Moore fits perfectly into the song’s theme of moving ahead may mean letting some things go."



Act One/Magazine

"This is a great production and well composed song with well written lyrics. This is a perfect Valentine’s Day song!"


Le Blog De Celine

"Pour en revenir au duo The Letting Go, disons que Natalie Jean et Levi Moore sont deux artistes très prometteurs qui ont su tirer le meilleur de leur empreinte vocale respective pour créer un duo à la fois contrasté et synergique. On ressent dans le chant de l’un et de l’autre une"

 compréhension certaine de plusieurs styles de musique comme la country, la pop et le blues. Les paroles sont inspirantes et les performances vocales notables. Dès les premières notes l’auditeur sait que le titre va se situer dans le champ des regrets, du passé, du fugace et de la vanité de la vie, de l’amour et de toutes ces choses mortelles et non immuables. D’où un piano ultra-mélancolique. 


Indie Spoonful

“The Letting Go” is a love song about having to let go of the past so you can move forward. As Natalie repeats the last words of her verse the instrumentals back off leaving only the piano playing lulling chords as we transition into the chorus and both Natalie and Levi enter singing, “The Letting go/The Letting go/The Letting go/Oh, oh, oh/The Letting go,” in lush harmony as their distinct voices come together creating a powerful, memorable moment in the song.  Moving forward, Levi takes the lead on the next verse giving his robust, country voice the spotlight."


Dancing About Architecture

"Firstly there are the vocals, two exquisite and contrasting voices both getting their moment to shine, Jean tugging at heart strings with a sweet but confident allure, Moore revelling in a rawer baritone and both coming together to make a compelling chorus as their tones and textures mix beautifully. But the songs is  about much more than those voices, great as they are. It takes its time to get moving but gradually builds its musical layers as a platform, building from plaintive piano and minimal guitar rhythms to add beats and additional sonic motifs through a slow and deft build up of additional instruments."


A&R Factory

"For her latest track Natalie Jean teamed up with Levi Moore, and it may be the best duet since Nick Cave & Kylie Minogue in Where The Wild Roses Grow. Levi Moore’s gruff yet soulful vocal style is what really made this track for me. There’s such a contrast between Jean’s beautifully empowering, yet sweetly romantic vocals and Levi’s loveable drawl, that you can’t help but get caught up in the synergy that the two have created." 



FV Reviews

"The bridge is simply wonderful. It is shared between the two talented vocalists and is stunning. The final chorus ties the song together, it is incredibly moving, deep and heartfelt. Not to mention how catchy it is! There is a whisper at the very end, a lovely touch of a delicate ending to a

powerfully moving song."


MTM - Middle Tennessee Music

"Natalie Jean’s seasoned, award-winning voice paired with Levi Moore’s country-infused, oil field weathered personality is a powerful combination which results in a strong song that is on par with other chart topping ballads that have preceded this release." 


Awards Nominations CHARTS

2018 Clouzine International Music Awards

Winner Best Americana Song

Atlas Elite Entertainment Music Awards

2018 Nomination for Best Country Single

Global Music Awards 2018

Silver Medal for Country Song

Silver Medal for Music Video

Nashville Universe Music Awards

Levi Moore - Nominated for Entertainer of The Year, Male Vocal, Songwriter, Duo of The Year with Natalie Jean

Natalie Jean - Nominated for Female Vocalist of The Year and Duo of The Year with Levi Moore

Radio Alliance

#2 Week of April 9, 2018 on the Top 10 Charts - Monie's New Music

#2 Week of April 23. 2018 Top 10 Charts - It Matters Radio

The Independent Music Network

#15 on The Mainstream Top 30 Chart

 From Tuesday, April 10 to Monday, April 16 

Direct Monthly Online Film Festival - 2018

The Letting Go Music Video - Selected

Los Angeles CineFest

Letting Go Music Video - Semi-Finalist

Aab International Film Festival

The Letting Go Music Video - Winner

2018 Josie Music Awards Nominations

World Music Artist of The Year

Vocalist of The Year

Female Artist of The Year - Multi-Genre

Music Video

Album of The Year - Haiti Mwen Renmenw

Jazz/Blues Song of The Year - Haiti

Folk/Americana Song of The Year - The Letting Go

Song of The Year - Pop - "Alive"

Best Musical Collaboration - The Letting Go

Best Musical Collaboration - Moncler - Darick Spears and Natalie Jean

Levi Moore

Rising Star

Male Vocalist of The Year

Michael Peloso

Songwriter of The Year

Near Nazareth Festival

The Letting Go Music Video- Selected

Berlin Film Flash Festival

The Letting Go Music Video- Winner

Rome Independent Prisma Film Awards

The Letting Go Music Video - Semi-Finalist

The Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards

The Letting Go Music Video - Nominated

Saint-Petersburg International Film Festival

The Letting Go Music Video - Selected

The Buddha International Film Festival 2018

Winner Best Music Video


The Letting Go Music Video - Selected

The Lake View International Film Festival 2018

The Letting Go Music Video - Selected

Golden Earth Film Award

The Letting Go Music Video - Winner

Okanagan IndieFest

The Letting Go Music Video - Selected

2018 KICMA Awards  -Nominations

Entertainer of The Year - Natalie Jean -Finalist

Female Vocalist of The Year - Natalie Jean - Finalist

Male Vocalist - Levi Moore

Rising Star - Levi Moore

Vocal Duo - Natalie Jean and Levi Moore - Finalist

Music Video of The Year - The Letting Go - Finalist

Radio Single of The Year - The Letting Go - Finalist

Michael Peloso - Songwriter of The Year

Eurasia International Monthly Film Festival

The Letting Go Music Video - Semi-Finalist

2018 American Songwriting Awards

The Letting Go - Nominated in the Country & Western Category

The Indies Best Films Festival

The Letting Go Music Video - Semi-Finalist

9th Underground Cinema Awards

The Letting Go Music Video - Selected

Christian Film Festival - Winner and Fan

 Best Music Video (Natalie Jean)

Best Director (Tyler McElrath)

Best Actor Teen (Julian Kazenas)

Best Actress Teen (Chasity Cofield)

Best Villain (Levi Moore)

Best Villainess (Natalie Jean)

Best Cinematographer (Tyler McElrath)

Best Song (Natalie Jean & Michael Peloso - The Letting Go)

Best Performance (Natalie Jean, Levi Moore)

Ocktober Film Festival

The Letting Go Music Video - Selected

South Film and Arts Academy Festival

The Letting Go - Music Video- Selected

Out of The Can Film Festival

The Letting Go - Music Video - Finalist/Runner Up

Christian Online Film Festival - Winner

Best Music Video (Natalie Jean)

Best Director (Tyler McElrath)

Best Actor (Natalie Jean)

Best Actress (Levi Moore)

Best Actor Teen (Julian Kazenas)

Best Actress Teen (Chasity Cofield)

Best Song (Natalie Jean, Michael Peloso - The Letting Go)

Best Performance (Natalie Jean, Levi Moore)

Best Movie Poster (Natalie Jean)

World Music & Independent Film Festival

The Letting Go - Nominated for Country Music Video

The IndieFest Film Awards 

The Letting Go - Music Video - Winner of Recognition

Palena Film Festival

The Letting Go - Music Video - Selected

Independent Shorts Awards

The Letting Go - Music Video -Honorable Mention Winner

Accolade Global Film Festival

The Letting Go - Music Video - Selected

Royal Wolf Film Awards

The Letting Go - Music Video -Nominated

Boston Galactic Stars 2018

The Letting Go - Music Video - Selected

Trichy Film Festival

The Letting Go - Music Video - Selected

UK Songwriting Contest-2018

The Letting Go Music Video -Semi-Finalist

The Letting Go Song - Love Song Category - Semi-Finalist


BWH Music Group

 Natalie Jean and Levi Moore’s Song “The Letting Go” to be Featured on 'THAT SUMMER by Various Artists' 



Natalie Jean - There isn't any limits for this talented Blues singer.


Music Existence Blog


The Letting Go Music Video - Screenings

AAB International Film Festival - Winner

Direct Monthly Online Film Festival

Rome Independent Prisma Awards

Indie Country Radio


Music Video Featured on MMTV


The Indie News Reporter


No Depression Review


2018 KICMA Awards

Levi Moore and Natalie Jean will be performing


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The Barley Station Lodge

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The County Line Radio


Country Radio Switzerland



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